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Arts in Jackson


Arts in Jackson Day has encouraged me to think back to my roots of why I do video, and has reminded me to balance my work video-life and personal-video life again. Thank you for watching! Add those tagged, follow on Facebook, and promote each other. Even a small understanding of why a person is doing what they are doing, is when (I believe) you appreciate each other, and each other’s art.

Who created #artsinjackson Day?
The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Jackson County created #artsinjackson Day.
Thank You! Love seeing everyones posts so far.

Here’s a recent event held by ACAJC Members – Visit their website to find out more!

The Mid Mitten Music

The Mid Mitten was created some time ago to promote the local music – recently we were able to capture an unforgettable show with the Conspicuous Bystanders at the Foundry in Jackson. Check it out they are amazing and travel all over for shows! Lead vocalist, Jenna Roark was even sick, and the energy was still on top. October 14, 2016

Free Art
I love this video and this “event” from last year because of the vast variety of mediums at the Ella Sharp Museum, including a spoken word piece. What does Free Art mean to you? Watch the first couple minutes and read what Free Art means to these artists. Take it in!

Brooklyn, Michigan
Brooklyn, Michigan is becoming full of street art! Thanks to Josh Mitoska who is bringing several artists from all over the WORLD (including artist “Kashink” from France, who is in town currently), to the outskirts of our home town. Although some of these artists aren’t Jackson home-grown, I hope this is still inspiring to to all the Jackson-based artists. This is only a teaser and there’s much more to go out and see! Check it out!


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