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2017 Weddings I Love


“… I prayed and through that prayer I believe the person who connected me with Manal…”

Manal and Omar, an engagement shoot and bridal party shoot combined. After almost getting kicked out of the Townsend Hotel, they were still so easy to work with in random locations and shooting out in the cold and a random coffee shop. Impromptu interviews revealed their love story while giving others hope!


“What a privilege the two of you have to share the gift of being you with each other”

Starting back to the beginning of the year, Anjali and Aaron. Anjali of the Hindu religion and Aaron of the Jewish religion, the ceremony was one to remember as both religions were respected on stage. Blessings to this couple in both languages connected their unconditional love for one another. I deeply think this is a unique thing in today’s world and one everyone can learn from!

“…Because despite all our differences love is what we all share, it’s the great unifier, our one universal truth, no matter who we are, where we’ve come from, what we believe, we know this one thing, love is what we’re doing right…” 

Skipping forward to my last wedding of the year, Chelsea & Joel, and Planterra. Surrounded by these aged plants “…the ability to love is the very best part of our humanity…”.


“…I admire who you are, I strive to be the type of person you are, you’re kind, you’re patient, never judging, always looking for the good in other people” 


“…I dreamed of the day that I would find that magical love that is the stuff of fairytales..I didn’t know what true love was till I met you” 

“..You may not be good at it, but if you throw yourself into it, you’ll get better at it. That holds true for Love. The more we try holding back, the more we try to protect ourselves, the more frustrated we get..”

“…When we fall in love we often say, you are the answer to my prayer, and I’m going to say that is exactly what Eliezer felt when he found the bride that he was sent to bring home…” 

This is a story to listen to, please do!

Sara and Jon were truly an honor to be around. Sara is a doctor, changing the practice of treating Cancer throughout the world!

“..not getting caught up in what is insignificant, focused on what is important.” 


“.. Life is all about journey’s, you’ve been on a wonderful journey together, even longer then you probably ever realized to get to this moment. ”

Carrie & Greg!! Another very kind couple who loves their family! Sometimes I just have a strong feeling to someone and I don’t really have a way to explain it!! “You fill my heart in ways I didn’t know possible.”

“..the Jewish new year is a time for sweetness, a time for apples & honey, and so I would suggest that from here on in, I would like to focus exclusively on just how sweet this moment is for both of you and for your families…” 

When life come fulls circle. Gillian & Dan traveled from NYC to Dexter to marry. Their wedding was incredibly breathtaking but most importantly the beauty truly represents the strength they hold for one another. Their wedding honored Dan’s Mother who very recently passed. They bring hope to their future while preserving their roots. I have a hard time saying this wasn’t my favorite wedding.

“…It was always you…”

“…if you feel a new passion calling, i will help you follow it.” 

There’s no place like home.
This was not a Blue Racer Production, and not even really my own production because I was not at this wedding for most of it unfortunately, thankfully I got to edit it! Thank You Devin Hauenstein & Matthew Mancour for taking control of this day. Hayley and Jordan’s vows make me laugh and cry at the same time. With these families both so welcoming and the location of Hayley’s home with fishing and a bonfire, it was really a perfect day to remember for everyone.

“…Whenever people see the two of you together, they should be reminded, of how God’s Love shines through your marriage…. ” 

Valerie & David were nothing short of humbleness and modesty.

“…there’s something deeper and solid within this…” 

Alyssia and David were almost unreal to work with! For me, It was really weird to feel their connection and trust within each other and others. Along with being humble, they were so sweet to our team & very fun, making it so easy to shoot! From eating a hot dog together during their photo session in honor of David’s grandfather owned a hot dog stand (or something along those lines…) to doing spins in the middle of the street in Detroit! I saw Alyssia and David a few weeks later and they genuinely hugged me and thanked me for their edit, which made me want to cry again!

“…I want to say to everybody here, there’s nothing more important in life, then stopping, and just simply taking the time, to love.”

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